Born On Third Base

Born On Third Base; Screenprint on repurposed fabric, freehand machine embroidery, appliqué & reverse appliqué stitching, and salvaged fake flowers; 4’x8′; 2023

This piece returns to the theme of the birth of our second child. Our home, the bungalow featured here and in several other pieces, spills out into a large city park featuring a baseball stadium where the local colleges and summer league team play. On the other side of the park, perhaps a quarter mile away, is the hospital we were sequestered for nearly three weeks in double lock-down during the pandemic, while our eldest was isolated from us, at home with his grandmother, worrying about his new sibling. Despite that somewhat harrowing beginning I make it clear at every turn that our kids are remarkably privileged and any advancement they achieve should be paid forward to achieve a more equitable future.