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Cody Porzelt
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Theme: Unreliable Narrator; AR302 Printmaking, SEMO; Linocut; 9"x10"; 2019
Lauren Thompson
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Theme: Psychological Self-Portrait;AR302 Printmaking, SEMO;Reduction Woodcut;16” x 12”;2022
Anna Roungon
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Theme: Psychological Self-Portrait; AR302 Printmaking, SEMO; Reduction Woodcut; 16"x12"; 2019
Nora Schammel
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Theme: Putting the C's in Season; AR302 Printmaking, SEMO; Monotype
Katie Bocian
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Theme: Training Wheels; Introduction to Printmaking, BGSU; Photolithograph; 11"x15"; 2013
Shawn Lopez
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Theme: Emergence; Introduction to Printmaking, BGSU; Etching (left to right,
Kara McCoil
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Theme: 4-Color Project, Color Lithography; Beginning Lithography, Murray State University;
Griffin Hackeloer
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Theme: There’s No “I” in CMYK;AR303 Screenprinting, SEMO;CMYK screenprint from
Casey Vandergrift
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Theme: Creatures and Structures, Class Portfolio Exchange; Lithograph, screenprint, and
Anita Britt
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Theme: In Glorious Color; ARTS 3340 Printmaking: Lithography, BGSU; 4-plate
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