Tag: Student 2D Design

  • Savannah Gourley

    Savannah Gourley

    Theme: Multitudes; AR201 Color Composition, SEMO; 2021 This project asked students to create a psychological self-portrait using optical color mixing, using post-Impressionists and Chuck Close as a technical departure. They were also asked to develop a background pattern that used metaphor and semiotics to complement and add conceptual support to the portrait, รก la Kehinde…

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  • Class Collaboration

    Class Collaboration

    Theme: Hit the Mark; AR201 Color Composition, SEMO; 2021 This project showed the potential of CMYK color application and how the layering of translucent colors can produce rich, complex results. Students were asked to carve a 6″ square of linoleum with concentric rings of varied patterns or textures. Quadrants were then chosen improvisationally and printed…

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