Category: Student Work Portfolio

  • Nikki Hagen

    Nikki Hagen

    Theme: Drawing from the Eyes Out; Drawing 1, SEMO; Graphite; Approximately 24″x48″, 2019 Students are largely self-directed during this week-long project that corresponds with midterms, as I meet with their classmates about their midterm portfolio. The prompt asks the class to take what they have learned from observational drawing and perspective so far, and apply…

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  • Amanda Matlock

    Amanda Matlock

    Theme: Drawing Into a Negative Space Drawing; AR100 Drawing 1, SEMO; 2019. Students began with a negative space contour drawing in order to consider the composition being created from the negative spaces at the edges. They were then asked to flesh out the object, describing the internal contours, value, and texture from the inside out.

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  • Heather Meadows

    Heather Meadows

    Theme: Downtown Cape Girardeau Drawing; Drawing I, SEMO; Graphite; 22″x30″; 2015 This drawing began as an extended plein air project on the streets of downtown Cape Girardeau. Students were then asked to continue the drawing from onsite photographs. Heather’s piece is in progress here, but it successfully illustrates her grasp of both sight measuring and…

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  • Jared Carlson

    Jared Carlson

    Seated drapery study; AR202 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing, SEMO; 2019

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  • Courtney St. John

    Courtney St. John

    Theme: Allegorical Self-Portrait; AR202 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing, SEMO; 2019 This project acted as a practice run for the final Alter-ego portrait project. Students were assigned an object from the classroom’s collection of still-life materials (the column piece in this case). The object was chosen for its metaphorical relationship with the student. The artist was…

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  • Sydney Sharp

    Sydney Sharp

    Theme: Alter-Ego Tryptic; AR202 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing, SEMO; 2019 Students were asked to create a series of drawings illustrating a narrative involving an idealized or unimagined version of themselves: the person they’d like to be, or the role they could have played. Students were expected to draw from life as much as possible. Sydney…

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  • Savannah Gourley

    Savannah Gourley

    Theme: Multitudes; AR201 Color Composition, SEMO; 2021 This project asked students to create a psychological self-portrait using optical color mixing, using post-Impressionists and Chuck Close as a technical departure. They were also asked to develop a background pattern that used metaphor and semiotics to complement and add conceptual support to the portrait, รก la Kehinde…

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  • Class Collaboration

    Class Collaboration

    Theme: Hit the Mark; AR201 Color Composition, SEMO; 2021 This project showed the potential of CMYK color application and how the layering of translucent colors can produce rich, complex results. Students were asked to carve a 6″ square of linoleum with concentric rings of varied patterns or textures. Quadrants were then chosen improvisationally and printed…

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  • Madison Ellers

    Madison Ellers

    Theme: The Unexamined Life; 3-D Foundations, SEMO; 2016. Madison focused on three species (Left to right: kudzu, dandelion, and stinkhorn mushrooms) that propagated quickly and invaded spaces. Notice the slimy texture of the mushroom achieved with hot glue.

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  • Alyscia Travis

    Alyscia Travis

    Theme: Artifact; 3-D Foundations, SEMO; Plaster and found plants; Approximately 8″x9″x9″; 2017. Students carved an artifact or tool used by a fictional historical civilization or alien culture. Emphasis was placed on mass and texture. Alyscia’s planter acted as a model of massive agricultural systems for a tropical forest civilization that pulled water from pools below…

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